Need a better way to manage meetings? We explore the best options in room booking systems

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People who run venues that offer rooms to different companies to conduct their meetings often face the hurdle of giving the same room to different clients on the same day and in the same time slot. It damages their reputation and the reputation of their services amongst the people who use their venue. Hence websites like bookinglive allows people to manage their meetings easily without any confusion as everything can be organized under one roof.

room booking systems

BookingLive is a website that is designed specifically for venues that give out their meeting room booking system or other kinds of events that take place within the United Kingdom. It is a better way to manage meetings as it allows you to mention all the necessary information related to the meetings in the same file hence the employees can easily determine through the meeting description that what kind of services are being provided during the meeting process to the client.


Meetings are arranged through an easy scheduling process. The forms that are filled help the employees to keep a track of the customers and their appointment history. If past appointments have been made they can be given discounts in order to give them an incentive to come again in the future. Bookings can be made and canceled via the use of email and SMS notifications.


The booking forms can be customized according to the needs and preferences of the company. It can include all the aspects that one needs to cover in order to make a booking for a meeting or any other kind of event. All kind of extra features that you are offering to your client can be added so that the people who are the in charge of setting up the meeting room can get all the required arrangements made.


It depends on the concerned authorities of the venue to decide whether they want full or half payment. Payments would vary from event to event as the type of services provided by the venue to organize a different event also varies.

The reason that actually makes a bookinglive the best option to manage meetings is that it can send emails and SMS to the clients which can include booking confirmation along with reminding them of the booking they have made within your venue. Staff calendars can also be synced which means that bookings made by other staff members are also under the same roof which makes it easier for the people to determine that which room is given to which company and under which time slot.


Every element of the bookings and meetings can be customized according to the needs and preferences of the venues that are using booking live as a way of handling the workload of their business and organizations. Everything is controlled and can be altered in case changes are to be made. The reports that the system generates can be customized in order to access the information that the company needs. Moreover, the look and feel of the homepage or form page can also be modified in order to make sure that the look of the page compliments your corporate identity.


BookingLive is a very helpful website that can help people get rid of tensions and confusions that they have to keep a track of all the bookings made. The website can notify you regarding the bookings and meetings scheduled. It helps in minimizing the workload.

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