Essential Software Every Small business Owner Needs

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Managing a small business might appear a simple task to the experienced business operators, but it could pose a huge challenge to new managers. Software for small business can eliminate the headache in you by easing payrolls, staff management, resource management, sales management and Vital other operations. These tools or business software are built to perform with maximum accuracy and eliminate all the incompetence and errors that business could have. The good thing is that there is software in every business operation starting from accounting, business document management to communication. All you need to do is to install these software tools in your business system and enjoy their services.

Essential Software

  1. Xero, The Best Accounting Software

Xero software


Xero is software that allows you to monitor your bank, credit card and PayPal transactions. It can be integrated in smartphones, tablets and PCs for convenient and flexible monitoring of the transactions.  It is a cheap software for small business, yet a comprehensive one that prevents mistakes and informs you about all the transactions that your small business is carrying out on real time. It has a trial period of thirty days after which you will be required to pay for one of the available plans available. It has been rated as the best accounting software for small business that entrepreneurs can use.


  1. Slack, the Best Web Based Communication Tool



Slack is one of the best small business software that offers the business workers the ability to converse uniformly and easily. As a manager, you can converse with a whole group at a go without sending individual emails or make individual calls. You can also make instant video calls, attach files and send you can communicate with only invited members. Its basic plans are free so you can have a taste of it before you pay for one of the packages of this tool.


  1. Dapulse , The Best Project Management Software


As a business manager, going to the field to analyse projects and rectify mistakes is daunting and time consuming. Dapulse offers you a simple platform where you can manage the all your projects at the comfort of your own office. You will be able to know what your team is doing, how and at what time. This will enable you to formulate new policies that will aid in the quick completion of your projects. It costs only £22 per month for their basic plan.


  1. Google Drive


Business data and documents are very important, and they need to be protected. Google drive is the place where you can place your documents for as long as you want without getting lost. Even when your business tools get lost, you will still be able to access the documents. It is free of charge as long as you have Gmail account. The good thing is that you can share documents where anyone with the links can access the documents. You can install it for small business if you want safe keeping of your documents.


The bottom line is that you can increase the overall efficiency of your business by installing these business management software.

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